Yodfat Hararit

> Client
Misgav Rejional Council
> Date
> Lot Area
70,000,000 sqm

The project was planned in partnership with architect Dr. Avi Mosseri ("Architegia" group) and landscape architect Hanna Livneh.

The team of architects were guided by the Misgav Regional Council, the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority, the Jewish National Fund, and others. The plan objective was to preserve the Yodfat-Hararit ridge and Schania Mountain, taking into account all the essential parameters, such as flora, fauna, existing communities, roads and paths. As part of the outcome of the plan, the following terms were defined: landscape cellular areas, preservation and landscape development levels, visitor "loading" criteria (planning for the optimal number of visitors), and the relationship between open space and possible development trends in the nearby communities. The plan was approved as the master plan for Yodfat-Hararit.