Shatil Site

> Client
Privete Owners
> Date
> Lot Area
100,000 sqm
> Build Area
35,000 sqm
> Apartments
> Location
Ramat Hasharon

The area is surrounded on three sides by "cottages" (two-story houses), on the western edge of the built-up municipal area of Ramat Hasharon.

The planning investigation identified a unique green network of paths interlaced with the city streets. This network is not clearly a part of the urban layout, but served very well as a basis for the planning of the new project. In addition, the Shatil plant nursery, including small wooded areas, has existed for many years adjacent to Weitzman Avenue, on the northern side of the plot. The above parameters formed a basis for the new plan, centered on the existing woodland and along an internal green network that linked to the existing pedestrian paths nearby. Most of the houses are semi-detached, adjacent to the green network that creates a space between the houses and a high-quality environment.