Pardes Berman

> Client
Adler Co.
> Date
> Lot Area
500,000 sqm
> Build Area
100,000 sqm
> Location

Our office prepared a change in the urban building plan for the Pardes Berman site, for the reorganization of residential and public areas, adding a higher residential density and a commercial center.

The new plan presented a number of advantages: -Increase in areas allocated for open space, creating a large central park linked to the residential neighborhoods by a network of green paths. -Access for vehicles and pedestrians that allowed a better land division and the maximum utilization of the areas for public buildings. -A better and more efficient utilization of the residential plots, which significantly increased the number of residential units and facilitated high-quality design of the building fronts facing the park and the street. -Addition of a commercial center and public buildings, by taking advantage of differences in elevation on the site. This layout was planned to avoid interference or conflict with the existing residential neighborhood and the many public buildings.