Kibbutz Eshbal

> Client
Ministry Of Housing Construction, Kibbutz Eshbal
> Date
> Lot Area
335,000 sqm
> Build Area
5,000 sqm
> Apartments

Kibbutz Eshbal (south of Carmiel) was founded in 1997, and belongs to the established "Work and Study Youth" movement.

The planning of the kibbutz dealt with two main aspects: 1.Preparation for modifications to regional master plan TMM/2, and a detailed plan for the kibbutz 2.The adaptation of the plan to the unique needs of an Educational Community kibbutz has no planning precedents, unlike the traditional kibbutz. A joint coordinated planning process was set up between our office and the kibbutz members, including workshops to turn the ideas of the group into physical reality, and satisfy the unique needs of the Educational Community. In the workshops, the subjects raised included the relationship between collective and private, "essential meetings" and "occasional meetings", the structure for a group of members, and the building of a number of group houses. At the same time, the regional plan was analyzed regarding subjects such as slopes, existing environment and landscape. The plan integrated the needs of the Educational Community of the kibbutz with the characteristics of the area and the physical environment. From the start, planning was carried out in close partnership with the landscape architect - Hanna Livneh.