Katzir Community

> Client
Ministry Of Housing Construction
> Date
> Lot Area
1,800,000 sqm
> Build Area
380,000 sqm
> Apartments

In 1991, the Israeli Government decided to establish 7 new towns inside and close to the "Green Line".

This project was named "The Stars Community Plan." It was created, among other considerations, to accommodate the large wave of immigrants arriving at that time from the USSR . Katsir was included in this project. The existing population of Katzir numbered 40 families. The plan was to enlarge the community to 2000 residential units, built in "low-rise country-style building mode". The project was approved during the next 2 years and 400 residential units were built in the first phase, on the southern hill. Since then, the town has continued to develop at a normal rate of growth.