Kamane - Bedouin Village

> Client
Israel Land Administration
> Date
> Lot Area
731,000 sqm
> Build Area
65,000 sqm
> Apartments

The Israeli Government decided to establish a number of new Bedouin villages in the Galilee, among them the village of Kamane on the ridge south of Carmiel.

A number of alternatives were considered at the strategic level for the location of a suitable site, by examining many parameters, among them the existence of small dispersed Bedouin hamlets in the area, land ownership, the open landscape, etc. The principle planning starting point related to the way of life and the unique needs of the local Bedouins, who are living on the hill, some of them in tin shacks and temporary buildings, next to their vegetable gardens and livestock. We considered this nucleus as the "old city," and designed the demarcation of building plots and paved roads to take the existing situation into consideration. The rest of the area was designed with a more organized layout, taking into account the special sensitivity of the Bedouin people to individual land ownership, and the generation gap in Bedouin society. The project was guided by an inter-ministerial team and representatives of the local residents.