Ephraim And Menashe

> Client
Ramat-Gan Municipality
> Date
> Lot Area
16,000 sqm
> Build Area
10,000 sqm
> Apartments
> Location

The project is situated in the heart of Ramat Gan, in an old residential neighborhood, which is in the process of rejuvenation, and has a strong unified population with a national religious orientation.

A few attempts were made over the years to plan and build new houses on the site of the project, which is surrounded by new residential buildings. However, the local residents objected to the plans that were submitted to the Local Planning Committee of the Municipality of Ramat Gan (which owns the land). The Municipality decided to seek the approval of a majority of the residents to a new plan. We were asked by the Municipality to find the correct urban formula, which will give financial profitability, while meeting the demands of the local residents. The planning process succeeded in providing the proper solutions, didn't incur strong opposition from the neighborhood residents, and received building approval.