> Client
> Date
> Lot Area
70,000 sqm
> Build Area
1,000 sqm
> Location
Zvulun Junction

The State of Israel has approved a law making it obligatory for new drivers to take an Advanced Safe Driving course, after receiving their driving license. As a result, training centers are required in various regions of the country. To avoid interrupting the continuity of open countryside, a site for a training center of about 70,000 sq meters (17.3 acres) was chosen, inside the proposed multilevel intersection that will be constructed at the present Zvulun Junction. The physical and statutory planning of the project was carried out together with traffic and landscape consultants, in coordination with the Ministry of Transport, the Public Works department and other planning authorities. The project is in accordance with the need to make multi-purpose use of state lands, and was encouraged and supported by the Haifa Regional Planning Committee.