Donolo Street

> Client
Private Owners
> Date
> Lot Area
4,000 sqm
> Build Area
17,000 sqm
> Apartments
> Location

The project is located on the site of a former paint factory, which has not been in use for more than a decade. The design exploits the difference in elevation between the main street on the eastern side of the site, and the residential street on the western side. As a result, the commercial floor is located at the front of the building, facing the main street, and on the basement level of the residential street. On the upper level is the entrance to a pedestrianized public square, which is surrounded by an integrated built-up complex of public areas, residential buildings and a Senior Citizens' home. The combination of functions provides an efficient design layout that responds to the requirements laid down, both public and private, in a dense urban fabric, while avoiding any land expropriation.