Alei Zahav Community

> Client
Ministry Of Housing Construction
> Date
> Lot Area
458,000 sqm
> Build Area
96,640 sqm
> Apartments
> Location
Hod Hasharon

The Ministry of Housing and Construction issued an order for an urban building plan, as a western extension of the existing Alei Zahav Community.

In parallel, the land was bought by private developers for construction and marketing of the houses. This offered an opportunity to prepare a comprehensive urban building plan for 600 housing units, starting from the urban planning stage, infrastructure development and building design, which makes it possible, in a hilly area, to design the desired environment by integrating the building types, façades and landscaping. As a result, it was possible to plan the neighborhood fabric in advance, blending with the environment and also making considerable savings in infrastructure development (for example, support walls), by the proper design of house types. In addition, a concept of social inter-relationship is created in an area where there is little passing traffic, where the houses can be built not only with yards behind the houses, but also with open front yards.