Bnei Brak Municipality Building

> Client
Bnei-Brak Muncipalitu
> Date
> Lot Area
5,000 sqm
> Build Area
8,500 sqm
<p class="p1" dir="rtl">˂&nbsp;Integration between a historical building, modern building, park and a square showing the various elevations</p>

˂ Integration between a historical building, modern building, park and a square showing the various elevations

extensions to the existing historic municipal building in Bnei Brak. The plan in effect tripled the dimensions of the building. A quantitative program was prepared, which catered for the municipality's various functions, as well as a qualitative program, which related to the building character, public requirements, the location within the city environment, the adjacent park and square, and the relationship between the new buildings and the existing historical building.

The plan took into consideration the existing building in the context of its physical and historical values. The extensions were designed around and under the existing building. The original front arches are at the center of the design, and can be seen from every point. Since a large part of the town population requires access with strollers, at least half of the new complex was planned with direct access from the square, without requiring steps or elevators. Frequently visited departments, such as social services and education, were located in easily accessible areas.Jerusalem St . has a steep slope towards the municipality square. This slope was used in the design to provide three access levels to the municipal building: on the high eastern side – direct access to the public park, at the center – direct access to the public square, and on the western side – access to the parking area. The public garden is built on the roof of the ground-floor building; and the parking area is below the ground floor. the building extensions fit well into the natural topography, and are symmetrically located around the existing building. This plan created a municipal building accessible to the citizen, while preserving its historic and dignified values.