Sea Tower

> Client
Geffen Elgad
> Date
> Lot Area
3,000 sqm
> Build Area
11,000 sqm
> Apartments
> Location
Hagila st. Netanya
<p class="p1" dir="rtl">&gt;&nbsp;Combining a balcony with a shade feature for privacy</p>

> Combining a balcony with a shade feature for privacy

<p class="p1" dir="rtl">˄&nbsp;Open area leading to the lobby</p><p class="p1" dir="rtl">&gt;&nbsp;Design of the 14th floor penthouse living room window facing the sea view</p>

˄ Open area leading to the lobby

> Design of the 14th floor penthouse living room window facing the sea view

<p class="p1" dir="rtl">˄&nbsp;the Eastern front faces the city</p><p class="p1" dir="rtl">&gt;&nbsp;Entrance lobby</p>

˄ the Eastern front faces the city

> Entrance lobby

<p class="p1" dir="rtl">&gt;&nbsp;A garden duplex on the 8th floor</p>

> A garden duplex on the 8th floor

The Sea Tower is located in the southern part of Netanya, close to the promenade and the Carmel Hotel.

The project, which was modified in the urban building plan that was prepared in our office (NT/605), was built in a new residential zone of the town, as part of urban building plan NT/600. At the junction of the roads that border the plot on the south side, an open space was planned, from which open squares lead gradually to the entrance lobby of the building. The project, facing an open sea view, requires a clear design approach and relationship to the project environment. In consequence, in all the apartments, the living room, kitchen, parents' and additional bedrooms, and all the balconies face the sea. The tower contains 12 luxury apartments: 5 penthouses, staggered from the 12th to the 18th floors, and 7 duplexes with a double-height living room facing the sea. The land around the project has not yet been built on. Therefore, there was a free choice to design the tower in the modern architectural language in which the city of Netanya has been planned. In addition, we added contemporary elements to the design, such as inherent dynamism, apartment variety and emphasis on the sea view. The basement parking is partly illuminated and ventilated naturally. The ground floor is planted with local vegetation that withstands the effect of proximity to the sea. The tower was built by the industrialized method (the Baranovich method), but in spite of this, the correct use and design of the construction forms has created architectural variety, while ensuring low economic costs and high speed of construction.