Hachsharat Hayishuv Tower

> Client
Hachsharat Hayishuv
> Date
> Lot Area
16,000 sqm
> Build Area
85,000 sqm
> Location
Jabotinsky st. Bnei-Brak
<p class="p1" dir="rtl"><span class="s1">˂</span>&nbsp;Building by stages - first building of 15 floors, second building of 40 floors</p>

˂ Building by stages - first building of 15 floors, second building of 40 floors

The tower is located in Jabotinsky St., in the new Bnei Brak commercial center. In the planned center, which will become one of the main employment centers in the Dan Region, 20-60-floor office towers will be constructed.

The planned project replaces an old fabric of sheds and small enterprises, used at present for commerce and storage. On the Jabotinsky St. front, a 40-floor office tower will be constructed, with a total built-up area of 50,000 sq meters; a second commercial unit will be built to the north. The project was designed as two attached towers - one of 15 floors and the other of 40 floors, which can be built separately to facilitate both marketing flexibility and construction by stages. Most of the service system will be shared by the two towers. The common service systems will be installed in the first tower to be built, and will serve the second tower as well. When completed, the 15 first floors will each measure 1,800 sq. meters (to the point where the two towers join), and floors 16 to 40 will each measure 1,100 sq. meters. The idea of building in stages was the basis for the project design. A potential was created for the geometric integration of three glass prisms, whose inter-relationship creates the geometric esthetics that can be seen differently from every angle and façade. This gives a special effect to the project and differentiates it from neighboring towers that have a standard unified typical cross-section.

The design principle - complex combination achieved with simple geometry.

The economic principle - Standard construction, building by stages, possibility of building the project as a whole, or as a combination of volumes : two attached towers functioning together or separately.