Elizur - Educational Complex

> Client
Bnei-Brak Municipality
> Date
> Lot Area
12,000 sqm
> Build Area
10,000 sqm
> Location
Hashomer st. Bnei-Brak

The design of the educational complex, commissioned by the Municipality of Bnei Brak, was started at the end of the eighties. Because of the shortage of sites zoned for public buildings in the city, the plan had to contend with a higher density of classrooms than the Ministry of Education standard.

The site for the project was located near a major town artery, from which pedestrian paths lead to the eastern suburbs of the city. An urban concept was chosen, which interlaced the urban environment with the educational complex, by prolonging the axes coming from the suburbs and traversing the central pedestrianized entrance square of the schools. The schools were designed around internal courtyards, which give privacy and separation from the urban traffic arteries. The existing topography allowed the elevation of the school entrance square to the first floor, from which students can go up- or downstairs. In addition, building levels were created that allow the design of playgrounds on the roof area and shorten the walking distance for students during class intermissions. The three buildings were designed at an angle that created a public garden along the frontage to the main road, leading to the entrance square. This design provided a zone of greater security for the students. The educational complex concept was designed to merge with the fabric of the neighboring residential buildings. The sloping school roof was covered with red ceramic fragments, to fit in with the red tiled roofs of the surrounding buildings. The school facades are covered with stone interspersed with ceramic tiles, in three basic colors: yellow, blue and red.

The design principle - Integration of a high-classroom-density educational complex into a noisy urban fabric .