Bnei Ayish Community

> Client
Private Promoters
> Date
> Lot Area
20,000 sqm
> Build Area
76,000 sqm

The project was planned in partnership with architect Yohanan Lavie. The plan was made at the beginning of the nineties in the period of heavy immigration from the USSR . The Bnei Ayish rural village is situated south of Gedera on the road leading to the Kastina - Be'er Sheva junction.

The plan aimed to increase the number of housing units from the existing 280 to 1500. The project is located on 2 main axes: The first, from west to east, leads to the center of the existing village; the second - from the regional road in the north, leads to the center of the plan. At the junction of the two axes, a traffic square is planned, surrounded by high density construction of 5-floor residential buildings, as well as commercial and public uses. The rest of the planned area is zoned for "semi rural" building (about 8 housing units per dunam (1.97 acres)) - garden and roof apartments with private entrances. In parallel to the street grid, a green network of paths is planned for pedestrians and bicycles, connecting the built up area via open squares.