> Client
> Date
> Lot Area
1,700 sqm
> Build Area
6,000 sqm
> Apartments
> Location

The project is located in north Tel Aviv, in the "New Lamed" area, K'doshei Hashoa St., which leads to Azorei Hen. The urban planning in effect in this area requires terracing of the building façade, with specific instructions for each floor. This design results in a mainly rectangular building form, where the front façade is terraced, creating a sharp contrast between the front and the sides of the building. In order to unify the elevation style, cubic projections were constructed on the side facades. The width of the building was reduced, in order to keep to the permitted building lines. These projections gave additional wind directions to the apartment rooms (especially the parents' suites), and also provided a wider view from the apartments that face the sea.