Ramat Tal

> Client
> Date
> Lot Area
6,000 sqm
> Build Area
30,000 sqm
> Apartments
> Location
Bnei Brak

The project is located on a hill at the corner of Sharett and Haparsa Streets, in the city of Ramat Gan. Sharett Street is one of the longest-established and best neighborhoods in the city. The houses are mostly private, spacious and low rise. The residential character was developed over time, and is exclusive, giving an impress ion of high quality but with simple and modest elegance. The aim of the project was to apply a unique, varied and prestigious quality to a standard contractor's construction. The project was built on a 1,000-sq-meter (quarter of an acre) plot and contains six cottages of various sizes, designed to fit into the existing fabric and character of the street.